A margarita on the beach is my idea of a perfect day. But sometimes when traveling in the Caribbean it’s great to take in some of the local attractions. But what do you do? Bus tours? cab? bike? From the Toronto Sun, here’s a couple of great ideas if you’re thinking of traveling to Bermuda…

Easy going on Bermuda
Bus-ferry touring is stress-free and budget-friendly

Bermuda’s star attraction is much, much older. The east end of the island has 1.6 million year-old limestone caves, nicknamed “Nature’s Jewelry Box.” The Crystal Caves — discovered in 1905 by two boys looking for their cricket ball — were first explored with just a bike lamp, but modern lighting and pontoon walkways now reveal each stalagmite, helectite and chandelier stalactite. Underneath a clear 17-metre lake, the cave floor glows turqouise. Our cave guide Eunico pointed out formations that resemble animals, mythological beasts, Bob Marley’s face and New York skyscrapers.

Grotto Bay Resort, Bermuda’s only all-inclusive, kid-friendly hotel, has a cavern on site, one of its three options for bathers after the ocean and the hotel’s swim-up bar. Five minutes from the airport, Grotto Bay also has a spa, tennis, kayaking, scuba and wreck diving. A rooster is among the permanent residents — a natural alarm clock for early risers.

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