Here at the Salted Rim we rarely advocate for cheap tequila. But I will admit, if you’re hosting the party, mixing margaritas with the good stuff can get pretty pricy. And this Cinco de Mayo we plan on serving up quite a few. So save yourself a few pesos and check out the best cheap tequilas over at the Huffington Post…

The Best Cheap Tequilas For Margaritas

If you’re making drinks for a crowd this Cinco de Mayo, you’re not going to want to shell out the big bucks for several bottles of top-shelf tequila. Your wallet tells you to get the cheap stuff — but good sense tells you to avoid a hangover. Unfortunately, those two ideas don’t usually mesh.

The nastiest hangovers come from tequila that’s not made from 100 percent agave, because it’s mixed with sugar and other additives (a.k.a. the recipe for disaster). We gathered six cheap well-rated and popular tequilas that won’t set you back if you need to buy them in bulk — they’re all under $25, with one costing as little as $12.99. Four of the brands are 100 percent agave, and two aren’t, for the sake of experimentation — see how they fared in our slideshow below.

Check out the Huffington Post for their list of the Best Cheap Tequilas For Margaritas


And by the way, we agree with their recommend pick the Milagro Silver. The rest, meh…

What’s your favourite “cheap” tequila??