It’s after work – a bit early for dinner, but I desperately need a little snack before we fire up the BBQ. I’ve got a craving for chips and salsa and of course a margarita! So while searching for a good salsa recipe, I came across these recipes from Bon Apetite for salsa, guacamole and simple margarita…

Tomato, Onion, and Serrano Chile Salsa, Guacamole with Roasted Tomatillos and Classic Shaken Margaritas

Salsa, guac, and margaritas are a California staple, the centerpiece of casual entertaining on the West coast. Everyone makes their own version and many people don’t bother to follow a recipe. It’s the essence of market cooking: do the tomatoes look good this week? Are there nice chiles? The only constants seem to be cilantro (always in abundance) and onion. Everything else is up for grabs.

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As for the margarita – it’s a simple 1:1:1 ratio in her recipe – that’s 1 part tequilla, 1 part triple sec or Cointreau and 1 part lime juice. I prefer mine a bit more tequila flavoured, so I’ll usually do a 2:1:1 with a little splash of simple syrup. The salsa recipe is awesome, be sure to check it out!

Stay thirsty my friends,