I really feel like I’ve been transported to the beach on some remote Polynesian island while listening to this album. I think I’ll creat a special margarita just for them – how about the Red Fox Margarita??

Aloha is an exotic cinematic soundscape built around Felipe Benavides’ savory guitar tones, Jay Reilly’s angular thumping acousticbass, and drummer Ron Bocian’s rhythmic dexterity.

San Diego’s Surf Soul Jazz trio, The Red Fox Tails, have a sound that is shaped by a percolating rhythmic pocket to lean into while nurturing the freedom of jazz, with a heaping dose of world flavors added to the mix.

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Jazzy/Surf/World Music…

Aloha is a raw, soulful, coastal musical concoction. Offering a percolating rhythmic pocket to lean into while nurturing the freedom of jazz, The Red Fox Tails sound has been shaped by world music flavors, such as, Peruvian Chicha, 60s/70s Ethiopian pop music, as well as, early New Orleans funk and R&B with a heaping of Jim Jarmusch/David Lynch-like motion picture music.

Recording ‘Aloha’ in the salty air of Oceanside, CA the core trio could not resist enlisting friends and musical associates on several tracks…including the formidable saxophonist/reedman David Burnett on the surf/bossa nova inspired “Para Todos” as well as an enigmatic vocal number with singer and freestyle rapper Reina Mystique “Blue Gill”. Drummer Ron Bocian’s associations in New Orleans led the band to engage notable veteran sound engineer Mike Hogan of MMI Music. “We thought we’d bring in a fresh ear to help craft our sound“, “as a long time New Orleanian I love to send work to New Orleans’, “…and no where do musical standards exceed those of folks from the Crescent City“.

You can preview all of the track below, and if you really dig it, you can buy online here or from iTunes using the link below!

The Red Fox Tails