We’ve been to lots of football games – we’re huge Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines fans. We’ve always tailgated and always used our cordless margarita machines to make tasty margaritas before the game. But we’ve never been to the Super Bowl and we’ve never tailgated on the beach. So a trip to the tropics to see the big game would be a dream come true…

Tropical Super Bowl Trips

This upcoming weekend, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind. will be overflowing with rabid New York Giants and New England Patriots fans all rooting for their team to take home the coveted Super Bowl XLVI title.

Now, chances are you’re probably not among one of the lucky ones with a ticket to Sunday’s Big Game since they run about $1,500 a pop, and that’s on the low-end. Even if you can get a ticket, there’s the price of a hotel. Right now two-star hotels will run you north of $400 per night, according to Cheaphotels.com, and some have raised rates a whopping 1,500 percent (yes, you read that right). And this doesn’t include all the wings and beer you’ll eat.

We did a little research and found out that Indy may not be worth draining your bank account for, especially since you can watch the game with your toes in the sand.

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So I’ll settle for a special margarita and the comforts of home and a few god friends come game time. Where will you be?