We love the Caribbean and we definitely have our favourite spots. For us it’s Jamaica, but what makes it one of our favourites is that we’ve been there enough that we’ve learned how to experience Jamaica – the food, the people, the culture like a local. Peter Greenburg has a new book to help all travellers experience their favourite Caribbean island like a local too…

Peter’s Top Five Tips for Experiencing the Caribbean Like a Local

Get off the computer

If you’re headed to the Caribbean, you’re probably not going to have the same internet service or wireless coverage you’re used to at home. If you’re in Cuba, forget about getting a cell signal. And if you’re on a cruise, you’ll probably be paying through the roof for wireless internet. Unplug and unwind.

Eat Like a Local

Want a foodie adventure? How about a Bahamas Fish Fry? In Arawak Cay, you’ll find local shacks serving up the island’s best seafood.

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