When it comes to travelling in the Caribbean, my heart still belong to Jamaica. We’ve been to the Dominican several times – and while we really enjoy the people and the beaches nothing compares to Jamaica. Negril in Jamaica is our all time favourite,and we still really like Montego Bay – especially Margaritaville!

At the Montego Bay airport, Margaritaville is the first place that we grab a margarita and then sadly it’s always the last stop before getting back on the plane. We’ve never been to Cuba or Puerto Rico; but we’ve definitely put Cuba on our Caribbean bucket list.

From Travel and Transitions:

Caribbean Travel:
Exploring the Large Islands – Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico

For many people living in northern climates in places like Canada, the United States and northern Europe, winter is the season where we just want to get away from the cold and darkness. At this time of year we all start to long for warm weather, gorgeous sandy beaches and the crystal blue waters of the ocean.

One of the world’s most popular winter getaway regions is, of course, the Caribbean. A map of the Caribbean will reveal a large assortment of islands, some quite large and many really tiny. Among the most frequented tourist destinations are some of the large islands in the Caribbean: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

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This is Larisa and I during our last visit to Jamaica. The first margarita – of course at Margaritaville – at the airport. Welcome to Jamaica mon!