I’ve only been on one cruise vacation in my life – it was to the Bahamas and I have to say that it was super fun! But that was over 10 years ago, and I know that a lot has changed in the cruise business since then. First of all it was expensive – and to top it all off – drinks were extra. So for us, all-inclusive resorts have been the go to choice. But all-inclusive does seem to be one of the biggest changes in the business. That and a little bit more luxury – like spas, better food options and more adults only options – round out some of the top trends…

Cruise Vacations: Top Trends for 2012

The passion for cruising as an exciting way to explore the world continues to grow for 2012. More than five new ships launched last year and six more are coming. Here are the top 10 cruising trends, as predicted by cruise experts.

Guests want to have more time to enjoy a port, learn the culture and really explore. Some ports require more time than others so we feature later departures. Many guests want to take a shorter tour and also have time to explore on their own. By sailing late in the evening guests can also dine ashore and enjoy the local nightlife.

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I’ve wanted to travel to Antigua, Aruba, St. Kitts and St. Lucia – so maybe I’ll take a cruise and visit them all!