On the rocks?? Or frozen?? These are some of the biggest questions weighing on our mind here at the Salted Rim. And we agree with Craig – that when the lime juice is freshly squeezed – then it’s always on the rocks. If it’s not, then we often just opt for a frozen margarita, like we make while chillin’ by the pool in our Margaritaville Margarita Maker. Face it, fresh limes are not always available so we will quite

Tequila Drinks to Order in Puerto Vallarta

I normally drink tequila straight. I sip it (most times). That’s my choice, but cocktails exist. Good cocktails too. So when you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, a seaside town that resides in the state of Jalisco (the birthplace of tequila) it is time to taste a few.

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What’s your favourite mix? Or are you like us and prefer your margarita on the rocks?