Best Rum Bars in Detroit

After talking about margaritas in the Caribbean for so long it seems like a real switch to be talking about rum in Detroit! But this one is so close to home. And considering Detroit’s history with “Rumrunning” it should come as no surprise that we wanted to feature some of the best “now legal” rum bars.

The waterways that separate Windsor and Detroit saw nearly 75% of the alcohol that was consumed in the United States during Prohibition. The numerous islands that dot the 30-mile stretch from Lake Erie to Lake St. Clair provided the necessary hiding spots to evade officials. The river is narrow and could quickly and easily be crossed by boat.

Thankfully prohibition is long over and we no longer have to really on the speak-easy’s. We just cruise over to our favourite hangout whenever we want. And we love The PV Lounge in downtown Detroit – just a stone’s throw from Tiger Stadium and Ford Field. And right next to the Detroit Seafood Market.

It’s cold outside, and nothing warms the belly quite like a specially crafted cocktail. Don’t wait another day to stop in one of Detroit’s many bars to enjoy one (or three) of the best rum drinks the city has to offer. These local haunts provide the perfect backdrop to warm up, socialize and unwind after a long workday or to enjoy a late-night weekend drink after a date.

PV Lounge
1435 Randolph St.
Detroit, MI 48226

PV Lounge is located next door to the Detroit Seafood Market, a popular bar in Detroit that provides a cozy atmosphere. This is an especially great place for young professionals, so ditch the office and try to get in on time for happy hour. The bar offers rum drinks, beer, martinis and great wines. Rum drinks to try here: The mojito or the hummer.

To see the all the bars on the list, you can check out the full article over at CBS Detroit.

Mexican Village in has always been a favorite spot for great food and drink, so it’s nice to see some other establishments get the credit that they deserve! Do you have any favourite spots?