The original beach bums are back with That’s Why God Made the Radio – The Beach Boys! Nothing sounds like summer like the Beach Boys. Sure Jimmy and Kenny are the mainstays in any summer soundtrack – but nothing compare to those signature harmonies and dreamy melodies!

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REVIEW: The Beach Boys That’s Why God Made the Radio

Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys haven’t made a record together in 16 years, but their music feels more present than ever. Last year’s release of The Smile Sessions, which documented Wilson’s unfinished late-Sixties masterpiece, was a major event, as was Wilson‘s 2004 version of Smile. The group’s harmonies echo through Fleet Foxes’ chorales and Animal Collective‘s stoner jams, their soda-pop song forms are borrowed by indie-rock faux-naifs, and their ambitious arrangements hover over work by Jon Brion, Mark Ronson and pretty much any orchestral-pop producer you can name.

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I’m downloading it as we speak and can’t wait ito add it to the rotation this weekend by the pool!

That's Why God Made the Radio - The Beach Boys